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The Way of Freedom Course

Text Book for Course: The Way of Freedom by Les D. Crause
Course Author: Colette Toach
Duration: 12 Weeks

Have an answer to every problem and you will learn to counsel others effectively!

Do you long to see the captives set free? If you are weary of seeing people bound and want to DO something about it, then this course will open doors for you. Not only will you be able to tackle any problem effectively, but by the end of this course you will know enough about counseling to become sought after by anyone needing counsel and hope.

Here you will discover...

  • Know the cause and solution of every problem in life.
  • Face your fears and overcome them.
  • Helping to overcome guilt and condemnation
  • A change of image - how the process works
  • Dealing with depression effectively.
The Way of Freedom Course Lessons:

The Way of Freedom
Lesson 1:

The Cause of Problems
Where problems REALLY come from
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 2:
The Solution to Problems
How to deal with every problem in your life.
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 3:
The Solution to Problems 2

The Way of Freedom
Lesson 4:

Identifying Bitterness and Anger
The most powerful teaching that you will ever find on the subject!
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 5:
Overcoming Hurts, Bitterness and Anger
To overcome means to walk in blessing, flow in the anointing and experience a new liberty in life!
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 6:
The source of Fear
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 7:
Overcoming Fear
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 8:
Identifying Guilt and Condemnation
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 9:
Overcoming Guilt and Condemnation
You can overcome easily and walk with a new boldness!
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 10:
The study of ‘Image’
How to be transformed!
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 11:
How an image is created
Why people are the way they are
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 12:
The Correct image
How to BECOME an image of success.
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 13:
The Freedom from Depression
The Way of Freedom
Lesson 14:
Freedom From Depression 2

To enroll in the Fivefold Ministry School, CLICK HERE.

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from chinelo ochie : I have ordered and received The Way of Freedom CD. My Instructor Chaifa Thao recommended that i take the class. What extra material do I need to complete registration for the course? I also ordered and received way of blessing book, workbook and MP3.

Response from David tan : I don't find details about enrollment. Is this e-course?
Reply From Craig and Colette - Apostolic Network: Dear David,

Yes, all the courses we offer here are done online. As an enrolled student of the Fivefold Training School you can be enrolled in up to four courses at a time. For further information on how it all works, visit the following page:

If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to contact us at any time. You can send us an email using the Contact Us link on the left hand side of this page, or give us a call (phone number and office hours displayed on the right hand side of the page.

Have a blessed day!

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
AMI Minister

Response from Mandisa : Thank you so much for the life changing teachings. May God richly bless you.

Response from pastor owolabi joseph : I want to know the way of freedom

Response from Ogbeide Smith : I am in Nigeria,how do I make
payments for the registration?
I am interested in the Bachelors program.

Response from peter mwakai : is there any payment of free course of bible like courepodence school .

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