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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Way of Blessing Part 1 Course

Text Book for Course: The Way of Blessing by Les D. Crause
Course Author:Colette Toach
Duration: 15 Weeks

Blessing, Success and Prosperity are part of the Covenant!

Blessing is not for a select few, it is a way of life for the Believer. If you have felt stuck in your life and ministry, then you need this Blessing Foundation. Not only will you learn to walk in financial and physical blessing, but you will also root out all those curses! Put those generational curses behind you for good and grab hold of all the blessing you can get in this course.

Here you will discover...

  • Where blessing comes from and how to get it
  • Your authority in the earth.
  • How to use the authority God has given you to bring change to your life.
  • Identifying and dealing with curses.
  • Rooting out family generational curses.

NOTE: You will live what you learn in this course. By the end you will see answers to your prayers and curses gone for good!

Way of Blessing Part 1 Course Lessons:

Way of Blessing
Lesson 1:

Defining Blessing
What would you look like if you were blessed?
Way of Blessing
Lesson 2:
God’s Order for Blessing
How blessed does the Lord wants you to be?
Way of Blessing
Lesson 3:
Spiritual Laws
Laws that remain unchanged through time and can work to your advantage!

Way of Blessing
Lesson 4:

Man’s Authority in the Earth
The power God has given you to create
Way of Blessing
Lesson 5:
Spiritual Forces
How to use what is within you to make things happen in your life!
Way of Blessing
Lesson 6:
The Force of Faith
Why faith is a force to be reckoned with. Expect a dramatic increase of faith as you do this lesson
Way of Blessing
Lesson 7:
Communion and Love
Why love is so powerful and how to flow in it
Way of Blessing
Lesson 8:
Understanding Templates
What is a template? Knowing this will change your life to the better forever
Way of Blessing
Lesson 9:
Building Positive Templates
Create a set of reactions that always bring about blessing and positive results!
Way of Blessing
Lesson 10:
Releasing Spiritual Forces
Way of Blessing
Lesson 11:
Seeing examples in Scripture
Its all in the Word!
Way of Blessing
Lesson 12:
Understanding Curses
Understanding why your prayer answers do not come
Way of Blessing
Lesson 13:
Identifying Curses
Rooting out the hindrances to blessing in your life
Way of Blessing
Lesson 14:
Dealing with Curses
Removing the curses so that the blessing doubles!

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