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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Apostolic Foundation Course

Text Book for Course: The Apostolic Foundation by Les D. Crause
Course Author: Colette Toach
Duration: 16 Weeks

The first in a Fivefold Series on the Office of Apostle.

Every question you have about the apostolic calling will be answered in this course. Not only that, but you will be able to track your apostolic preparation and training step by step and see how the Holy Spirit has been leading you from the time you were born.

Identify your calling, confirm and then see what is up ahead. If you are ready to embrace your apostolic calling, this course will show you how!

Here you will discover...

  • The history of the Church as well as what it's future is meant to look like.
  • What God's idea is of true discipleship.
  • How the family is the foundation for the Church Pattern.
  • How to start your own Home church.
  • How to run a public meeting, God's way!
  • How to make your church grow.
Apostolic Foundation Course Lessons:
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 1:
Signs of Apostleship
What an Apostle Is and Is Not
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 2:
The Apostolic Purpose 
What an apostle DOES
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 3:
The Apostolic Garden
The realm of the apostle
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 4:
The Price of Apostleship
Audio and practical project on the price the apostle pays for the call
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 5:
The Price of Apostleship Part 2
Know the facts! A continued study on the subject
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 6:
Apostolic Ministry Preparation
The preparation every apostle faces in life
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 7:
Apostolic Personal Preparation 
Discover the prep you have already gone through!
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 8:
Apostolic Fatherhood 
Fresh revelation on the place of the Apostolic Father in the End Times Church
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 9:
Apostolic Teamwork
How the Lord is using apostolic Teams to lay a new foundation.
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 10:
Choosing and Training Your Team 
How to put together your own apostolic team
Apostolic Foundation
Lesson 11:
The Apostolic Types 
There are 4 apostolic types. Each has a mandate. Which one are you?

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Apostle Shirley : Is this course a workbook with a dvd or a webinar?..
What is the class timing?

Thanks In Advance

Response from AMI Fivefold School Staff : This is an online course that utilizes both online lessons and the occasional video lesson. Your written lessons are made available each week online as well as being e-mailed to you each week. You can enroll in up to 4 courses at a time and you can register at any time.

Each course has a corresponding text book that you will need to purchase to complete your studies. In addition to this, you are allocated a personal mentor to whom you submit your thesis and contact for your personal ministry needs. Weekly student skype chats are also in place for ongoing motivation and training.

Response from Curtis Burrell : Thanks !!

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