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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Study of the Holy Spirit Course

Text Book for Course: The Double Portion: The Way of Anointing by Les D. Crause and Colette Toach
Course Author:Colette Toach
Duration: 16 Weeks

Anointing, anointing anointing! This will be your experience from Lesson 1.

This is not just a course for headknowledge, this is a course you LIVE! If you are thirsty to feel a touch of God then dive right into this course. From the very first lesson you will feel His anointing come over you and it will only strengthen as you continue.

Here you will discover...

  • That there are two types of anointing
  • How to tap into the anointing
  • How to make sure your ministry is anointed every time.
  • What blocks the anointing in your ministry and life.
  • How to plunge headlong into the river of anointing.

By the end of this course you would have experienced the fullness of anointing in your life and will also be equipped to take that anointing and to use and impart it to others.


The Study of the Holy Spirit Course Lessons:

Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 1:

Understanding the Anointing
There are two types of anointing. What are they and how can YOU receive them?
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2:
Keys to Glory
How to obtain the keys to glory!
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 3:
Keys to Glory 2
The secret to tapping into the anointing.

Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 4:

Stones to Boulders
Going through change to receive the anointing.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 5:
Impartation of the Anointing
Audio and practical.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 6:
Impartation of the Anointing 2
Where to find the anointing and how to receive it.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 7:
Hindrances to the Anointing
Everything that stands in the way of you standing in the anointing.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 8:
Hindrances to the Anointing 2
As you remove the hindrances you WILL break into a new level in the spirit.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 9:
Releasing Anointing Through Praise
How praise unlocks the anointing within you.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 10:
Releasing the Anointing Through Praise 2
How to release that anointing to others through praise and worship.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 11:
The River of Anointing
Discover the river of anointing. It is closer than you think and available to you at any time.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 12:
The River of Anointing 2
There is an unending supply of anointing. Do not HOPE it will be there. KNOW it will be there when you need it.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 13:
Search for the Lost Ark
A look at what made the Ark of the Covenant so powerful.
Study of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 14:
Search for the Lost Ark 2
You have access to the ark of the covenant and possess the same glory it had!

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Theresa mcdonald : Need more of God

Response from Precious urubusi : I need the study of the Holy spirit

Response from Gail Williams : I would like to enroll into your courses but stay in South Africa Western Cape.

What can i do to enroll.

Awating your response.

Kind Regards

Response from Pastor Michele Kaster : Dear Gail,

Thank you for writing in to us. Enrolling in AMI Fivefold Ministry School and living in South Africa is very simple. You would register and enroll in the courses you desire as you normally would, through the AMI Fivefold Ministry School website at

When you are ready to pay for your monthly fees and your course study books (in RAND) you call the AMI South Africa Training Center at 071 056 6321 and we can give you instructions on payment.

You also SMS, or WhatsApp us at the same number above. We look forward to hearing from you!

In His Love,

Michele Kaster
AMI SA Pastor and Team Member

Response from peter mwakai : hi can i get holy spirit lesson materials which i can print be blessed.

Response from AMI Ministry Team Member Nathan Berry : Dear Peter Mwakai,

Thank you for writing in. For the course, Study of the Holy Spirit, the only product that you need is the Receiving the Holy Spirit DVD. Therefore, there are no materials that you can print for that.

If you have any further questions, let us know and we will be happy to help you, ok?

Be blessed and have a great day.

In His Love and Grace,

Nathan Berry
AMI Ministry Team Member
Apostolic Movement International

Phone: 760-466-7679 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm California Time)

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