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The Prophetic Training Course

Text Book for Course: Prophetic Training by Les D. Crause
Course Author:Colette Toach
Duration: 12 Weeks

The third course in our prophetic series will give you the push you need to get to Prophetic Office.

It is time to stop playing games and to become a real prophet. Standing in prophetic office means qualifying through an intense phase of training. Death to the flesh, death of a vision and crucifixion is what you can expect along this road. However if you have a true prophetic calling, you are ready to face it and to qualify.

Here you will discover...

  • What prophetic training is all about.
  • Why all this death. There is a purpose and also resurrection!
  • Learn to stand in your prophetic authority.
  • The phases of prophetic preparation
  • The phases of prophetic training.
  • How to pass through prophetic training as painlessly as possible (in as little time as possible)

Do you want to stop "playing prophet" and fully enter into prophetic office? Then this course is your ticket to getting you there!

Prophetic Training Course Lessons:

Prophetic Training
Lesson 1:

Prophetic Preparation: Dying to your Weaknesses and Strengths
Learning to identify the prophetic preparation in your life
Prophetic Training
Lesson 2:
How Prophetic Preparation works
Step by step, what prophetic preparation is and how far you are
Prophetic Training
Lesson 3:
Templates from Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood
Removing everything that hinders your prophetic walk to office

Prophetic Training
Lesson 4:

Dealing with Templates and Triggers
Getting rid of those 'reactions' that will lead you astray
Prophetic Training
Lesson 5:
Resurrection is a Choice
After death has come, how to get up again
Prophetic Training
Lesson 6:
The Different Categories of Prophet
There are 3 categories, which are you?
Prophetic Training
Lesson 7:
Prophetic Training, Stage by Stage
Identify which stage of training you are in
Prophetic Training
Lesson 8:
The Mechanics of Prophetic Mentorship
Prophetic Mentorship and Dicipleship. What is expected from both
Prophetic Training
Lesson 9:
Where you stand in Prophetic Training
Time to walk in the Office of Prophet
Prophetic Training
Lesson 10:
Counseling prophetically
Prophetic Training
Lesson 11:
The Prophetic Child
Prophetic Training
Lesson 12:
Reconciling your marriage and your prophetic ministry

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Response from prophetess mary pippen : I am asking permission to teach all 12 Lessons in my
School of the Prophets.

My email address is:

My phone no. is: 516-605-5051.

Thank you

Response from joseph f moyo : Send me the text books

Response from Pastor Michele Kaster : Dear Joseph,

Where do you live, and what currency will you be paying in?

If you will pay in US dollars, you can purchase your books through AMI Bookshop at

Be Blessed,

AMI Ministry Team Member
Michele Kaster

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