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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Prophetic Operations Course

Text Book for Course: Prophetic Anointing by Colette Toach
Course Author:Colette Toach
Duration: 13 Weeks

The second course of this Prophetic Series is the most practical of them all.

Hear God's voice, flow in all the gifts of the spirit and not just it with POWER! Have you felt a lack in your prophetic walk? Hungry for more revelation? The moment you begin this course, you will flow in all of the prophetic gifts as never before.

Here you will discover...

• The 10 clear signs of someone called to the Prophetic Ministry
• What a prophet is supposed to be doing in the church
• A full explanation of all the Gifts of the Spirit
• How to prophecy and speak forth prophetic decrees
• Preach prophetically

Consider this course a key that will unlock the prophetic anointing that is inside of you. If you are looking for a sudden caffeine boost to your prophetic calling, then Prophetic Operations is the double dose you are looking for.

Prophetic Operations Course Lessons:

Prophetic Operations
Lesson 1:

Using the Urim and Thummim, Dreams and Visions
What they are, how to receive and then use them
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 2:
Utterance, Tongues, Interpretation and Prophecy
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 3:
The Prophet in the Universal Church
It is available to you. Do not just flow in these gifts, mature in them!

Prophetic Operations
Lesson 4:

Journaling and Hearing the Inner Voice
This alone will give you a springboard for your spiritual life
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 5:
Prophetic Intercession
The truth about intercession at a prophetic level
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 6:
The 4 ‘P’s of Intercession
The authority of the prophet - its not "just" prayer!
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 7:
Understanding the Anointing
How to tap into the anointing
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 8:
Prophetic Music
How to flow in the anointing in music. Take it to a new level!
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 9:
The Origins of Music
Where did music come from anyway?
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 10:
Ministering the Anointing through Prophetic Music
Truly the realm of the prophet! Use it!
Prophetic Operations
Lesson 11:
Using Music as a Tool and Weapon
A study no prophet should be without!

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