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FINANCES. What We Believe

Doctrines of Salvation 2 Course

Text Book for Course: The Pathway to Life by: Les D. Crause
Course Author: Colette Toach
Duration: 11 Weeks

There is More to Salvation Than "Just Going to Heaven!"

How you view this doctrine is the foundation of everything else you believe. This study on Soteriology is the second course in the series (The first course is based on the Doorway to Life book)

In the first course you gained a foundation on which to put the rest of your doctrinal understanding. This course takes it a step forward and makes doctrine something that is walked out practically.

No one with an Evangelistic calling should be without this course! Once you gain an understanding of what it truly means to be born again, not only will it empower your gospel message, but it will also give you a course of action to hand out to those that you lead to the Lord.

Of course as with everything, until you understand and live these principles for yourself, the anointing in your life will be lacking. Power up and discover...

  • How to present the gospel simply and powerfully
  • The moment we are born again we go through a process of baptisms. Understand and identify each.
  • Every believer is given a place in the Body once they get saved. Identify the gifts and ministries available in the Body.

While this course carries the clear theological understanding of Soteriology, it is infused with the anointing and then applied practically. This is not just a course that you gain knowledge from - it is a course you are empowered with!

Doctrines of Salvation 2 Course Lessons:
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 1: The Gospel Message
Taking Stock of What you Have
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 2: Witnessing Presentation
Learning How to Introduce Christ Effectively
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 3: The AIDCA Principle
Standing in the Spirit of Conviction
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 4: The First Steps After Salvation
Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth!
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 5: Water Baptism
Water Baptism 101
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 6: Baptism of Suffering
The Doorway to Promotion
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 7: Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Building the "Bridge"
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 8: Speaking in Tongues
It's Time to "Top Up"
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 9: Finding Your Place in the Body
A Study on the Body Ministries
Doctrines of Salvation 2 Lesson 10: Gifts of the Spirit
The Secret to Flowing in the Gifts

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