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FINANCES. What We Believe

A.M.I. Fivefold Ministry School Degree Programs

Here in the AMI Fivefold Ministry School, our mandate is to give you the tools you need not just to discover your calling, but also to help you carry it out.

We know that your heart burns for the Kingdom of God, and that the reason you are here is to receive the training you need. With training and equipping you as our mission, we have designed our degree programs to thoroughly teach and train you for whichever branch of the Fivefold Ministry you are called to.

In the Fivefold Ministry School, if you apply yourself to your studies, the sky is indeed the limit. Because this School was founded under the leading of Apostolic Movement International (A.M.I.), this means you not only have the opportunity to earn a cutting edge degree and learn from Lecturers who are at the top of their field, but you can qualify for Ministerial Credentials, and even as the Lord leads, to carry out your ministry under the covering of A.M.I.


How to Qualify for Credentials

In order to request Ministerial Credentials we require at least the satisfactory completion of two courses. Furthermore, all ministry credentials are probationary - to be renewed yearly - unless you have earned a Masters Degree and have been ordained by the laying on of hands from the AMI Apostolic Team.

Such appointments to any office are done exclusively by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and no amount of study can substitute the real training that God himself will take you through.

However, through first hand experience, we have found that the students who have the determination to really learn all they can from their courses, will usually at least be ready for active ministry training by the time they time they have earned a Masters Degree.


How to Earn Your Degree

Our course system (see below) is based on Major and Minor concentration of subjects.

In order to earn any degree, whether an Associate, Bachelors, or Masters, you must have successfully completed all of the corresponding combination of Module/Major subject categories. No credits will be appended to your Student Record without a passing mark for each course in a Module or Major.

To earn an Associate Degree you will need to complete the relevant courses for a given Module. For example the Associate Degree in Apostolic Ministry requires successful completion of the three courses that make up the Apostolic Ministry Module.

For a Bachelors degree it is much the same, except you must complete the requisite Major which is comprised of one or more related Module subjects.

For a Masters Degree, you need to already have earned at least one Bachelors Degree and complete the selected Module subjects for the Masters Degree.

When you have completed the necessary coursework, you can simply go to the AMI Registrar and pay for the printing and shipping of your degree.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept prior degrees from other colleges. Due to the unique nature of our training, and the custom source material that we use for our teaching, we feel that there can be no credits issued for prior educational or ministry experience.


Associate Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Masters Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Apostolic Ministry Module

  • The Apostolic Foundation
  • Apostolic Ministry Course
  • The Pattern for the End Times Church

Apostolic Office Module

  • The Moses Mandate
  • The David Dynamic
  • The Joshua Juncture
  • The Solomon Succession

Prophetic Office Module

  • Prophetic Operations
  • Prophetic Training
  • Prophetic Warfare
  • Prophetic Office

Prophetic Ministry Module

  • The Way of Dreams and Visions
  • Practical Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Foundation
  • Ministry of Intercession

Pastor - Teacher Module

  • The Pastoral Foundation
  • The Way of Freedom
  • The Teaching Foundation
  • Transformed by His Presence

Teaching Office Module

  • The Nature of Man (The Study of Anthropology)
  • The Way of Blessing Part 1
  • The Way of Blessing Part 2

Pastoral Office Module

  • Pastoral Training
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • How to Get People to Follow You

Evangelistic Ministry Module

  • Doctrines of Salvation Part 1
  • Doctrines of Salvation Part 2
  • Evangelistic Foundation
  • Study of the Holy Spirit
  • Revival and Healing

Fivefold Ministry Module

  • Ministry and Calling Course
  • Identifying the Fivefold Ministry
  • The Fivefold Ministry in the Church
  • Business, Ministry and Social Studies

Practical Ministry Module

  • How to Start a Home Church Course
  • Fivefold Ministry Methodology Course
  • Preaching and Teaching Course - Homiletics

Advanced Ministry Module

  • Mentorship 101
  • The Apostolic Mandate
  • Christian Business Dynamics



Bachelor Degree Programs

Major in Apostolic Ministry

  • Apostolic Ministry Module
  • Practical Ministry Module
  • Fivefold Ministry Module

Major in Prophetic Ministry

  • Prophetic Ministry Module
  • Practical Ministry Module

Major in Pastor - Teacher Ministry

  • Pastor - Teacher Module
  • Practical Ministry Module

Major in Evangelistic Ministry

  • Evangelistic Ministry Module
  • Practical Ministry Module

Major in Ministry Protocol

  • Practical Ministry Module
  • Advanced Ministry Module

Major in Fivefold Ministry

  • Fivefold Ministry Module
  • Practical Ministry Module


Masters Degree Programs

Master of Apostolic Ministry

  • Bachelor of Apostolic Ministry
  • Apostolic Office Module
  • Advanced Ministry Module

Master of Prophetic Ministry

  • Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Office Module
  • Advanced Ministry Module

Master of Teaching Ministry

  • Bachelor of Pastor - Teacher Ministry
  • Teaching Office Module
  • Advanced Ministry Module

Master of Pastoral Ministry

  • Bachelor of Pastor - Teacher Ministry
  • Pastoral Office Module
  • Advanced Ministry Module

Master of Fivefold Ministry

  • Bachelor of Fivefold Ministry
  • Apostolic Ministry Module
  • Prophetic Ministry Module
  • Pastor - Teacher Ministry Module
  • Evangelistic Ministry Module


Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Sharron : Hi, how many minors and how many majors do I need to study in the associate degree
program and how long am I given to complete the course?

Response from Debra Hillier : I have already earned a Bachelor Degree from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Do I have to earn a Bachelor degree from AMI before I would qualify for a Master's degree program?

Response from Catherine Brown Fleischer : How can u help me obtain my Bachelor &Masters degree

Response from Siah Tiffany Katsuda : I have a Bachelor Degree from Vision International University in Ramona, CA. And I have been sent out to Japan as a full-time missionary since 2008 and still serving at the Japanese Church now. I have already gone through 4 China, 2 Japan, and 2 Israel short-term mission trips before became a full-time in Japan. So, I have same question with Debra above. Do I have to start from AA or BA to apply for Masters? How long it will be for AA and BA, and Master?
How much it will be about for one each to get degree? I need an idea, because I'm still in a mission field and not getting paid by church every month.
Lastly, can I be ordained without Masters degree?
Thank you and God bless you!
Much love, Siah

Response from Chaifa Thao, School Principal : Dear Debra and Siah,

We do not accept prior degrees from other colleges. Due to the unique nature of our training, and the custom source material that we use for our teaching, we feel that there can be no credits issued for prior educational or ministry experience.

As for the length of time it would take to complete a degree. This will vary, because the courses are completed at your own pace. We do not put a time limit on when you need to be complete with a course.

You can take as long as you need to finish your degree, for as long as you keep up with your student fees.

If you go at a pace of completing 4 courses every 4 months though, the average time of completing a Master degree is roughly 2 and a half years.

For all other degrees, it depends on what degree you are going for.

If you know what degree you want to go for, let us know and then we can give you a rough estimate of the time it would take.

Of course, you are also welcomed to call in with your questions. We would gladly be there for you, okay?

In His Love,

Chaifa Thao
School Principal

Response from matashu : my mother i have ready and heard all needed qualifications for one to study the above lessons, now my question is that since in GOD's calling there are no such things like qualifications, but am called to serve HIM and very able to read and write, why cant i be allowed to, for me to fulfil HIS calling?

Response from Oyintoke : Hi, am a Nigerian and i've been runing a free course with AMI for sometime now and am also a branch Pastor with Holy Spirit Mission Church. For me to have a degree where do i start from, how much will be my fee, how will the payment be, and how long will my course take? Thanks.

Response from Jonathan : I want to do bachelors degree in Prophetic ministry what is the approximate time in a normal daily lessons that I can take.
how many modules and price per module. during graduation am expected to come to USA?

Jonathan Botswana

Response from maripe : do you have to repeat overlapping courses in different minors that are required for a certain major, or you can exempt but still count the exempted coursr?

Response from Chaifa Thao, School Principal : Dear Maripe,

No, you do not have to repeat overlapping courses. If you have completed it, you do not need to do it again.

In His Love,

Chaifa Thao
AMI School Principal

Response from Daisy jones : Are you saying it may take up to five years or more to complete your entire courses, please give me more info. I was thinking of registering for all , but I need to know more about your courses.thank y
Reply From Craig and Colette - Apostolic Network: Dear Daisy,

Well, it may take you this long to complete every single one of our courses, yes. The thing is this, you complete them in batches of four. So once you sign up to become a student, you can register for four courses of your choice right away.

You will then receive one lesson per course per week for you to complete. Then at the end of each course you need to complete a thesis in review of that course. You don't have a time restriction on that thesis. you can take as long as you need to complete it. So this is where it is kind of up to you how long it takes.

I hope this clarifies it. If there is anything else we can help you clarify, feel free to get in touch with us again. You are always welcome to post here or send us an email, okay? You are also welcome to give our head office in the States a call at 760-466-7679 (Monday - Friday, 8am -5pm PST).

With Love and Blessings,

Denise Jordan, Apostle and Lecturer, AMI Schools

Response from charmaine : I am interested in the courses. I am South African, where would i receive this training. Is it is correspondence availability and price is appreciated.

Response from Deacon Ratliff : Yes my name is Deacon and I have been dealing with so much within my local my church & I feel it's time for me to follow the path that has been set before me I lost my hand in a work related accident and I asked the lord to take my life, Well He not only restored me back into a righteous person but He told me "I DON'T TAKE LIFE, I GIVE IT AND I GIVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY". and just Sunday I hear him say to me "As every man hath received the gift even so minister one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. I'm afraid because I never heard the word ever so clearly can you please advise me of what is happening to my life seems to be changing right before me.
Reply From Craig and Colette - Apostolic Network: I understand that this may all sound like it's a bit much. However, I can confirm that what you are hearing is the Lord, because when I take what you heard from Him and look in the Word, it lines up. Plus it produces faith, hope and love.

All the things you shared here sound like things the Lord would say and even has said in His Word. He came to give life and life abundantly. Even what He shared with you recently... that He wants you to minister also lines up with the Word. It is something He wants each of us to do.

What is happening here is that the Lord is giving you direction and asking you to do His will. So take His hand and run with it. He is opening up the doors for you to run for Him.

He loves you dearly and He has much in store for you. If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to contact us at any time.

You can reach us via email or phone at any time.

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
AMI Minister

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